J'adore couture

A blog dedicated to the fashion passions. Posts will consist of everything from couture, where fashion meets art, to classics like Chanel and Dior, to things that have inspired me like Zoe and Armani.
There are no limits to the material, just as there are no limits in what constitutes fashion. I am literally fashioning my passion.

In honor of my 100th post on J’adore Couture, I am dedicating it not to the designs, but to the genius minds behind them.  Regardless of how beautiful the final product is, the designer, the creator, is always more important.

But it’s surprisingly hard to find photos of the designers.  Few actually know their faces in a crowd.  It’s because they want their art to speak for itself.  But right now, if only during this blog post, I’d like to shed light on one designer in particular:  Valentino Garavani.

His career was legendary and after watching the Valentino:  The Last Emperor, I gained serious respect for him, as well as inspiration.  May his legacy live on.

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